Calling Winter

by Metal Rouge



In 2007 I packed a backpack and moved from Auckland to Los Angeles. I bought a $70 Teisco guitar from a pawn shop, Helga bought a tiny Vox practice amp and Metal Rouge officially became more than a one-shot project. Calling Winter was recorded in a tiny Koreatown studio apartment in a building full of Hollywood hopefuls. Unlike the self-titled EP this was our first attempt to make a unified statement, an actual album. One of the tracks on this album was set to a beautiful unreleased film by San Franciso-based genius Paul Clipson that will hopefully make it out into the public domain one day. Recorded with one stereo mic direct to minidisc you can hear perfectly the sound of the plaster walls and stained wood floor. How were able to record this at full volume in an apartment building is beyond me. This is all live, single takes with no overdubs, as is usually the case... The instrumental palate of Calling Winter is the most varied of any Metal Rouge album: santur, setar, guitar, percussion, vocals, bells... We shared one tiny practice amp for the entire album. We had borrowed pedals that we didn't know how to use. Many of the sounds on this album mystify me still. I don't understand how they were made or how we arrived at an alien compositional logic with little to no discussion. I think naivete was the key - we weren't so caged by knowledge, equipment, experience... This is free electric music.

Originally a CDR in an edition of 100 with 12 different covers, packaged in a 5" tape box and an anti-static bag. Included an insert with artwork by Helga and Andrew.

- Andrew


released January 1, 2007




Metal Rouge Los Angeles, California

Punk, in the spiritual sense of the term.

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