Ephemeroptera 01

by Metal Rouge



"The Ephemeroptera series were released as single CDRs over a span of 3 years and were also re-released together as a limited hand-stenciled box set in 2009. The box set came with an insert that explained the general thrust of the series. It read:

'A five volume series inspired by aquatic insects - their beauty and decline. Mayflies, Stoneflies, Dobsonflies, Caddisflies etc. - the first victims of chemical pollution - alien, forgotten, voiceless. The indistinct, the tiny, those that dwell under river stones, those that pass from the world barely imprinting themselves on human lore - their silent extinction a monument to human ignorance. We dedicate this series to them. The series takes it title from the taxon name for the order of Mayflies, the adult forms of which can live for as little as two days. As the mountains melt to fill the river beds, as the river beds are swallowed by the sky, as documentation comes to an end, we cast these recordings into the flames'

The series was really about losing something you never knew you had. I think that's a theme that runs through most of our music....

Recorded in exactly the same counter-intuitive fashion as the previous two albums with both of us sharing one tiny practice amp. All tracks are single live takes, no overdubs, with Helga on prepared Persian instruments and me on electric guitar." - Andrew


released March 1, 2007




Metal Rouge Los Angeles, California

Punk, in the spiritual sense of the term.

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