Eulogy For Keeler

by Metal Rouge



'Eulogy For Keeler' was inspired by an unnerving trip we made earlier in the year to the (semi) ghost town of the same name in Owens Valley. Much like Bombay Beach, Keeler is a both a ghost town and inhabited space. It was 110 degrees and dead still like a photograph. We could only glimpse the tiny populace out of the corner of our eyes - they seemed mere rumours, whilst the impassive edifices of decaying storefronts and the burning white sky seemed like undeniable facts. There is a bronze plaque in Keeler that oficially proclaims it to be 'the end of the line', which it quite literally was in some dim distant past when trains would run to a place like this. In it's present state and location it most certainly IS the end of the line, metaphysically speaking. A photo of this plaque became the insert in the hand stamped arigato pak that made up the cover. At the time we were influenced by the mysteries of the desert, inspired by the Center for Land Use Interpretation's explorations of California's many failed utopias. We spent many weekends in the desert, following dirt roads to nowhere. Eulogy For Keeler features much of the same instrumentation as Calling Winter and although both tracks are single live takes it is the only Metal Rouge album to feature heavy processing in post, 'Buy A Ghost Town' particularly. I guess that makes this our dub album, which is a very LA circa-2007 thing to say. Originally released as a CDR on Grant Capes' Phantom Limb Recordings in an edition of around 90.


released February 1, 2007




Metal Rouge Los Angeles, California

Punk, in the spiritual sense of the term.

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