Let Us Pretend That We Have No Place To Go

by Metal Rouge



Originally released as a CDR in an edition of 123 by Kendra Steiner Editions, 'Let Us Pretend...' was intended to be our 'Faust Tapes'. Patched together from studio offcuts, live fragments and happy accidents, 'Let Us Pretend..' is like dipping a net into Metal Rouge's recorded memory. I like collage, I like chance, I prefer b-side collections to proper albums: I had always wanted to make something like this. The fragments were picked from 5 years worth of recordings and were arranged according to chance procedures (with the exception of the first and last fragments which were consciously selected). This method of arrangement was influenced by the Nageire school of Ikebana and that haiku (by whom I can't remember) about cut grasses laying where they fall. The fragments themselves come from many different situations. Moments of unintentional beauty during soundchecks, a live show at Chicks Hotel in Dunedin, duo recordings from an Echo Park basement, trio recordings with Caitlin Mitchell at Green Machines. At one point Helga plays alone as I edit myself out of the picture. At another point a Persian love song is sung as I play something completely unrelated and Mexican radio creeps in via unshielded cables. It ends with the conclusion of a live set at the Echo Curio, bells and tambourines being handed out to the audience to play as our set gradually peters out. All the tracks were edited together into one 40 minute slab, which is the way it was intended to be heard. The album title and 'song titles' come from Ira Cohen's poem 'Imagine Jean Cocteau'. Cohen had just died at the time and I think his lines "Imagine whatever you will but know that it is not imagination but experience which makes poetry" may have had a lasting effect on us. This is one of our best, I think. - Andrew


released April 4, 2012




Metal Rouge Los Angeles, California

Punk, in the spiritual sense of the term.

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