Then In Shadow

by Metal Rouge



released January 1, 2011

2011, our least productive year. 'Then In Shadow' was conceived as a sister album to 'Thunder Woods', but actually ended up coming out first due to the fact that 'Thunder Woods' was passed from label to label and held on to for two years before it came out. 'Then In Shadow' is two thirds a trio record, one third a duo and all weird internalized darkness. 'Fast Flora Lights II' is the shortest Metal Rouge song has a sequel on cassette comp that Blackburn Recordings neglected to ever send us a copy of. 'Grey Area' is a slow motion trudge that ends with a drum solo. It got more aggressive the more we played it and we often closed out our sets with it. 'Lucid Dreaming At Bohemian Grove' and 'Haze Underbelly' are long somnambulist floats never to be repeated due to the fact that they were based around faulty equipment that we no longer own. We recorded both those tracks in 2007, making this tape 5 years in the making, I guess? 'Tsuki Ni Nari' takes it's title from a haiku by Horo: 'Odoriko no kao / tsuki nir nari / kage ni nari'. The album title also comes from the haiku. A possible English translation could be 'the Bon dancers face / first in moonlight / then in shadow'. Originally released in an edition of (?) on Bezoar Formations.




Metal Rouge Los Angeles, California

Punk, in the spiritual sense of the term.

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