Thunder Woods

by Metal Rouge



'Thunder Woods' was a cursed album from the outset. Root Strata had asked us for something as part of a series of tapes they were doing - for some reason we took around 12 months to get it to them. Once they finally had the master they held onto it for 12 months also, in which time Jefre moved to Berlin and Root Strata temporarily ceased operations. We passed the masters to Bart at Sloow Tapes, who held onto it for another few months. When it was finally released around half the pressing went missing in the mail, necessitating a repress and further delays. By the time the time the tape actually came out it was almost three years old. Along with 'Trails' this is the only other record we did that features Caitlin Mitchell on every track. 'Dead Elk' appears here in an early embryonic form, which is ironic since the only other versions of it to have been released are live takes. One day a proper 'studio' version of it will be released. We played this live often as our entire set. It was extremely hard work for Caitlin and beatific easy coasting for Helga and I. 'Cosmic Forest' and 'Dust Fight' were only performed live once, outdoors in the afternoon sun beside Echo Park lake, strangely enough. 'Dawn Chorus & Rapid Smoke' is the second half of the same session that produced 'Ripe Century' on the Trails LP and again features Caitlin on half a drum kit and Helga on a beautifully distorted vocal sound that we could never fully replicate. - Andrew


released April 6, 2013




Metal Rouge Los Angeles, California

Punk, in the spiritual sense of the term.

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